Chenna's Caress Candles are by far not your average candle!!!  C.C. Candles are 100% soy candles that not only provide an amazing aroma and ample lighting to any area, they will also beautify your desired placement area, seduce your senses, and stimulate your creative juices. 

Chenna's Caress Candles are meant to be used for more than just light and aroma.  When burned, C.C. Candles create a pure oil that can be poured directly onto the skin. Unlike paraffin candles, C.C. Candles will not burn your skin. Instead, your skin will be caressed with a warm sensation.

Uses for C.C. Candles include but are not limited to massage oil, additional lighting, air freshener, decoration, perfume oil, cologne oil, and moisturizing oil.

Chenna's Caress Candles are hand crafted candles made with 100% soy wax and skin safe essential and fragrance oils. Each ingredient has been extensively tested by a third party which found no evidence of potential skin irritation or allergic contact sensitization among 55 test subjects. All ingredients have been dermatologically tested and approved for safe, healthy use for the skin.


A Note from Ms. Chenna Jones

I studied for months trying to produce the "perfect candle". As a candle lover, a scent connoisseur, and a healthcare provider,  it was important to me to make sure my candles possessed qualities that I was comfortable representing. Soy candles are awesome!!! They have less soot making them burn much cleaner than other candles. Soy candles also hold a better scent and last much longer! As a trend setter consumer (more like a fashionista shopaholic), it was also important to me to not only sell my candles at a reasonable price, but to also create a product that is different and has multiple uses. Thank you for visiting my website and taking interest in Chenna's Caress Candles. 

- Ms. Chenna Jones